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Carol Vasco

Carol Vasco

Assistant Professor of Equine Studies


B.S., Animal Sciences, Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, 2014

M.S., Animal Sciences, Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, 2017

Ph.D., Major: Animal Sciences, Minor: Agronomy, University of Florida, 2021


Dr. Carol Vasco is originally from Brazil and has a background in equine nutrition and pasture management. She joined Midway as an Assistant Professor of Equine Studies in Fall 2022, teaching courses related to equine nutrition and management, such as Feeds, Feeding & Forages, and Equine Farm Operations I. Her passion for teaching started early in her career when she served as a teaching assistant for several courses, such as non-ruminant nutrition, equine nutrition, and relationship of form to function, throughout her academic programs. Dr. Vasco’s excellence in teaching and services has been recognized by awards, such as the 2021 Animal Science Graduate Student Top-Up & Teaching Assistant Award, the 2021 Madelyn Lockhart Emerging Scholar Honorable Mention Award, and the 2020 Alec Courtelis Award.

Dr. Vasco is also passionate about research. Her Master’s thesis focused on creating a database on serum mineral values of Brazilian four-beat gaited horses to provide adequate nutritional and exercise evaluation programs for these horses. During her Ph.D. at the University of Florida, she conducted three multidisciplinary studies on horse nutrition, forage nutritive value, and pasture management. She evaluated the effect of different forages on forage intake, diet digestibility, fecal and blood health parameters, and feeding behavior in both grazing systems and stalls. Her broad research experience with field and survey research makes her an excellent contact for those students in the Equine Sciences track or any student willing to be engaged in research and interested in graduate school.

Favorite Thing About Midway
The working environment is amazing.